Fat Cutie
a place to put my copious amount of selfies
Fat Cutie
a place to put my copious amount of selfies


i recently went shopping heres my haul 

necklace: h&m
jumpsuit: forever 21+
dress: target
both pairs of shorts: forever 21+
jacket: target

Also we went to the lego store and made custom people
and i finally bought some OCC Lip Tar (cannot recommend enough omg its amazing) 
hell yeah hell fuckin yeah
alright alright alright 


i finally found a fringed kimono that wasnt too pricey 

u didnt answer my message from earlier r u to scared to because u kno im right. you are not white so stop thinking ur great. you are not pretty either. ur just fat. you are a fag. this makes everyone hate you so stop posting all those pics of urself and get a life trying to get right with jesus


right so i didnt answer you this morning because i didnt feel the need to waste my time on scummy people that get me down
but you know what since you insist
Yes, i am a person of colour. Yes, i am fat. Yes, i am queer. BUT i am also pretty and i am loved. I dont need your acceptance to exist. As for ‘getting right with jesus’ last i checked jesus was pretty darn accepting, it looks like you’re chilling with the wrong jesus bro

So here i am
a beautiful brown

queer lady

very sincerely telling you
Fuck You


took a stroll with the camera today

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