Fat Cutie
a place to put my copious amount of selfies
Fat Cutie
a place to put my copious amount of selfies

Update: still have not left bed
All I want to do today is take dumb selfies
Send help

Never getting out of bed again

So we had a hair show at school today and I called dibs on the 60’s


This is the most normal I’ve looked since like last Christmas


sleepy idiot


wittycactus asked for a video of me singing so here we are
uke cover of Creep by Radiohead

hi, sorry to bother you, but i heard your music and was wondering if maybe you could record a video of yourself singing?

hi! its no bother at all, really! i love when you guys come into the message box! and yeah, i’d be glad to record a video, i’ve been meaning to do a song or two lately anyway, i will try to post it this weekend~


my skirt finally came in the mail and i just so happen to be going out today

sheer top: sears
skirt: forever 21+
tights: JMS


im far too tired to go stand up for 5 hours straight 

hello there~ Im wondering if it would be possible if i could draw your cute lil face ~ ^^ thank you and p.s your gorgeous

oh my gosh yes please that would be so so amazing! thank you, if you do draw me please submit it!

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